Your path to a High Care® Center

A High Care® Center is divided into four functional areas:

  • sales area
  • customer service and advice area
  • treatment rooms
  • staff and storage area

The size of the individual areas varies between the three possible institute types. You yourself decide whether you want to start with a High Care® Studio, a High Care® Lounge or directly with the High Care® Center. An alternative is that you step up in the course of time and develop from a Studio to a Lounge and from a Lounge to a Center. You yourself decide and benefit from the chance of setting up with equity capital of only Euro 10,000.

These are the variations:

High Care® Studio

Min. 3 cabins + sales area Offer: Minimum Body Wrapping, Slide Styler® and SPM® Suction pump massage
Employees: not necessary

High Care Studio

High Care® Lounge

Min. 4 cabins + sales area Offer: Minimum like Studio plus Detox Body Styler and
Bodystar Elektrolipolysis
Employees not necessary - maybe for peak times

High Care Lounge

High Care® Center

Min. 5 cabins + sales area Offer: Minimum like Lounge plus Vacustyler® low pressure massage
Employees: 1 more colleague

High Care Center