Business concept

More than beauty Women who want to do something about cellulite, slack skin or varicose veins turn to cosmetic studios or dermatological practices which stock Weyergans High Care® Cosmetics products. Here even the highest requirements with regard to facial care, medical beauty and anti-ageing are met. Institutes run by Weyergans are the place to go for people who set great store by the effectiveness of preparations and treament


    methods – often with results which are immediately visible and noticeable. Depending on the facilities of the institute and commitment to the brand a distinction is made between Standard, Classic or Premium establishments. In addition there is an exclusive, tried-and-tested business concept for business start-ups or investors: the success strategy “High Care® Center - More than beauty".

A good business idea

What makes the concept special
There are plenty of business ideas on the market – but it is often a laborious, time-consuming path from an idea to the successful management of your own business. A partnership in the franchise area saves you a lot of work and expense in a variety of aspects. So in future you can fully concentrate on managing your first, very own business.

A High Care® Center is a holistically oriented specialised institute. It creates a balance between well-being, health and positive body image. Customers receive patented treatment concepts for body and health, innovative products for active skin care and supporting food supplements. The treatment mix in a High Care® Center also serves as prevention against leg disorders. The treatments are consistently supported by apparatus. That already starts with the computer-aided anamnesis and initial counselling.
After that lymph drainages or vascular training for example are carried out with modern cosmetic-medical devices. Oyxygen treatment or passive gymnastics with the help of electro-therapy can supplement the treatment mix depending on the individual results of the skin analysis software. The retail products are the high-quality, exclusive special preparations from High Care® Cosmetics.

In a High Care® Center the customers receive care, advice and products based on the themes of beauty, body and health. This service takes place in a modern, stylish ambience. The manager and staff of a High Care® Center have a positive attitude to life and take care of themselves and their body. They advise their customers in a trusting way and treat them individually and successfully.

Every customer will leave your High Care® Center with visible, measurable results and willingly recommend it to others!